We have partnered with the team of world-class neuroscientists at Cogmap to offer a software platform that leverages cognitive science, classical music and machine learning to provide insights into human performance and potential.


Some of the specific features and capabilities are:

1. Predicting burnout and turnover

By analysing patterns of fatigue and stress, the platform aims to help organisations identify individuals who may be at risk of burnout or turnover, and take proactive measures to mitigate these risks.

2. Enhancing safety

Cogmap offer tools to help organisations manage fatigue-related risks, particularly in industries that require long or irregular work hours.

3. Measuring cognitive maturity

Cogmap platform can assess cognitive maturity, which can help schools and sports clubs better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions about talent development and deployment.

4. Personalised development plans

Based on cognitive profile assessments and other data points, the platform provides personalised development plans for individuals, with recommendations for how to improve performance and reach their potential.

Overall, Cogmap primarily aims at helping organisations and individuals optimise their cognitive performance, reduce risks related to fatigue and burnout, and unlock their full potential through personalised development plans.

The role of Centrum is to employ Cogmap’s scientifically based approach using classical music. 

For further information, please check Cogmap’s website: https://cogmap.ai/