Centrum is a British company working with academia, with research & development organisations, wider industries and individuals to recognise the benefits of incorporating classical music in business and society.

The purpose of Centrum is to assume a leading role bringing to market carefully crafted products backed by science, using classical music as a practical tool to enhance people’s performance in their day to day life.

Moreover, Centrum assumes a leading role in organising cultural events and masterclasses in cooperation with prestigious artists, cultural venues and educational institutions.

Centrum’s mission is to convince large segments of business and civilian society to recognise the science behind musical research and use proprietary bespoke tools to help people enhance their performance and reach their potential.

We aim to conceptualise and come up with practical applications that can be applied to various industries to educate through classical music, to transform and transmit.

The Music of Cosmos

Panel discussion and music performances with the pianist Elena Piccione and the cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu.


Held in collaboration with London Master Classes, the second edition of Arad International Masterclasses takes place from the 17th to the 24th of August 2024, in the city of Arad, Romania.


We have partnered with the team of neuroscientists at Cogmap to offer a software platform that leverages cognitive science, classical music and machine learning to provide insights into human performance and potential.